You Mean recursively transforms arbitrary text into a form consisting entirely of Google search’s auto-complete suggestions. It represents complete agreement with and supplication to Google’s sole query of us: “Did you mean…”.

For example, this paragraph:

Hence my proposed poetic form: You Mean. This form takes Google’s help a step further by forcing a given string through the suggestion algorithm and reconstructing output consisting entirely of suggestions.

Becomes this:

Henceforth myspace proposed health care bill poetic forms you mean the world to me this form is submitted in connection with an application for takeshi kaneshiro google scholar help a reporter out step further or farther byu forcing amaryllis longest palindrome in a given string through the looking glass suggestion algorithms andkon reconstructing history output devices consisting essentially of entirely pets office depot suggestions lyrics.

A live interactive demo is available below.

Additional notes on process and implementation are available in a related post.


What You mean Will Appear Here


  • Custom software
  • Google search

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