Weight of Your Words game screen with words piling up on a platform


Weight of Your Words is a physics-based stacking and balance management game in which words carry the physical weight of their own Google search results.

Players type in words to “drop” as blocks from the cloud onto a tilting platform. The more search results, the heavier the block in the physics simulation.

A word like “TK” with very few Google search results lands gently on the tilting platform, while a word like “TK” with a huge number of results lands with a destabilizing thud, threatening to tilt the stack into oblivion.

The player must manage the position from which the cloud drops its words, and choose the words to drop with care and foresight to achieve a high score. A player’s score is the sum of the search results contained on the tilting platform.

An effective player possesses a strong predictive model of the relationship between language and search result quantities. The literal “cloud” from which the words drop — and the weight of the words themselves — gestures towards the lost spatial correlations between physicality and information. The cloud can cumulatively emit infinite words of infinite mass, despite its finite size.

Additional notes on process and implementation are available in a related post.



  • Custom software
  • Google search

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