Überbeamer hardware top-down view


Make any surface writable with a hand-held, spatially aware augmented reality projection system.

The Überbeamer takes the basic premise of augmented reality — the mediation of a physical environment via an overlay of digital information — and expands upon it by introducing a new, universal, and direct means of interacting with a space. Instead of using a small screen as a window to an augmented world, the Überbeamer merges the information layer and the surface layer by using a projector to draw content directly onto any surface.

By building and storing a three dimensional model of an environment on the fly, the Überbeamer knows where you are (relative to where you’ve been) and can project its overlay in a spatially consistent way.

The projector becomes an intuitive navigation interface — just point it where you want to see, or point it where you want to write.


A person holding the ÜberbeamerA laptop being loaded into the ÜberbeamerÜberbeamer with front cover removed to show projector and KinectProjector modified with autofocus servo and gearing

A person projecting AR content with the Überbeamer

Perspective view of a room scanned by the ÜberbeamerTop-down view of a room scanned by the ÜberbeamerScreenshot of Überbeamer software showing a scan in progressScreenshot of Überbeamer software showing a scanned wall being stitched together



  • Custom enclosure
  • Custom electronics
  • Custom software
  • IMU
  • Depth Camera (Microsoft Kinect)
  • Projector (modified for continuous autofocus)
  • Laptop



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