A few lines of haiku generated by the Haiku Laureate


Haiku Laureate generates haiku about a particular geographic location.

Haiku Laureate takes a street address, a city name, etc. (anything you could drop into Google maps), and then asks Flickr to find images near that location. It skims through the titles of those images, building a list of words associated with the location. Finally, it spits them back out using the familiar three-line 5-7-5 syllable scheme (and a few other basic rules).

The (intended) result is a haiku specifically for and about the location used to seed the algorithm: The code is supposed to become an on-demand all-occasion minimally-talented poet laureate to the world.

For example, the address “Washington D.C.” yields the following haiku:

the white house jonas
of washington president
and obama tree

A live interactive demo is available below.

Additional notes on process and implementation are available in a related post.


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  • Custom software
  • Flickr API

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