The VHS Can(n)on is coming together, albeit a bit slowly. At this point I’m still in the process of gathering parts. So far I’ve secured a consumer-grade Sony VHS player with a jog dial and nice big play / pause buttons. I’ve also picked up a WiiMote (for pointer tracking) and a handful of VHS tapes courtesy of Sofy (Standards like Clueless, the original Star Wars trilogy, and a Daft Punk video).

I still need a means of getting the composite video feed from the VHS player into my computer (and from there into Processing or OpenFrameworks).

I’m sifting through a bunch of different options from B&H.

Once that box is in hand, I’ll have enough to implement the most basic elements of the system. It’s important to do this soon since I’m not yet sure how much I’ll have to hack up the VHS player’s interface to build a usable set of interactions.