Saraswathi Subbaraman wearing synesthectacles


Synesthectacles are eyewear where fluctuations in light are transmitted through speakers into the eyes, exploring the feasibility, absurdity, and overuse of synesthesia in new media artistic practice.

With Synesthectacles, the glasses-wearer senses changes in surrounding light through sound rather than sight: shifting brightness inputs produce higher-pitched tones in brighter spaces, and lower-pitched slower tones in darker space.

Sound subs for sight, translating what the wearer can see (light) into something they cannot (sound).  While Synesthectacles are on, there is no availability of clear vision - the wearer fumbles a bit, moving the head from side to side and in and out of the light.


Michael Edgcumbe wearing synesthectaclesArturo Vidich wearing synesthectacles

A person wearing synesthectacles searches for meaning through movement

Synesthectacles under construction adjacent an circuit prototyping breadboardSynesthectacles under constructionClose up of glasses-mounted volumetric circuitry on a pair of SynesthectaclesCompleted pair of synesthectacles on a wooden plinth



  • Glasses frames
  • Speakers
  • Custom electronics


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